Welcome to our Nation’s Summer Capital and the Iguana Grill!

Saturday 10/29 Closing Party 8 to 11:30. Live entertainment. The Ascensions.

Since 1994, a colorful Folk Victorian beach house has been home to great times, good food and fantastic margaritas.

The Iguana Grill on Baltimore Avenue, just a short walk from the boardwalk and Atlantic Ocean, serves American fare with a touch of the Great Southwest. Casually dine outside on our wrap around porch or inside with views of our beautiful copper tequila bar. Get grilled with the freshest seafood, poultry, ribs, burgers, quesadillas, salads and daily specials.

Open seasonally for lunch and dinner April through October, the Iguana Grill offers a daily happy hour and one of the largest tequila selections at the beach. Try a fabulous frozen mango margarita, our famous “house” golden margarita, or experiment with a flight of ultra premium tequila.


Open seasonally for lunch and dinner April through October.


and Margarita Menus


* add $1.00 for all frozen margaritas. sorry....no frozen pitchers


100% Blue Agave....margaritas on the rocks, shots or neat.

Agave field
An agave field.

Become a Tequila Expert!
Try a Flight Sampler

Sometimes, we associate tequila with the art of the "Quick Shot" or the "Chug". In reality, the true lovers of Mexico's finest tequila would not dare drink tequila as a stand-alone beverage soul. Tequila, enjoyed with sangrita, a blood- red like mix of natural juices and spices, will optimally extract the agave taste of your Blanco/Plata, Reposado or Añejo tequila and make your consumption of it more illuminating.

There are three categories of premium tequila.

Blanco (White) or Plata (Silver):
This is tequila's most pure and simple state, direct from the still. Fresh, true and vibrant to the nose and taste. Unaged and unobscured by oak barrels.
The tequila is 'rested' in wooden tanks or barrels for a minimum of 2- months. The Reposado, which can range from a pale straw to gold in color, can be rested as long as 12-months, but normally most distillers prefer not a day more than 6-months.
Aged in wooden barrels for a minimum of 1-year and sometimes as long as 5-years. The tequila color is usually golden brown to amber.


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